9 Unwritten Rules Of Digital Dating


From being honest to meeting up, here's everything you need to know when online dating

1. Use a realistic photo

Using a super glammed-up picture is a temptation, but try to use photos that represent what you really look like day to day.

2. Allow for time to reply

You might be one day, but right now, you’re not the most important person in your match’s life. People are busy, so remember to allow time for replies to come through.

3. You don’t have to reply

Whether you’ve been put off by their first message, or their seventh, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you don’t need to reply. Remember that you don’t owe this person anything.

4. Be specific in your bio, not obvious

You “like music and hanging out with friends”. Who doesn’t?! Try to create talking points in your bio rather than saying something generic.

5. Meet up, or stop messaging

If you’ve been talking for a few weeks or months and feel like you might be a good match, suggest meeting up. If you’re met with resistance, it might be time to think about talking to someone else.

6. Follow your gut

If you have a feeling you’re being catfished, or your match isn’t being honest, there’s probably a reason. If you’ve asked to meet up, but they just want to chat online, politely say that’s not what you’re looking for and move on.

7. Don’t dish out your phone number too soon

Talk for a couple of weeks before you give out your digits. Get to know each other, and once you’ve set a date and time to meet, share a certain amount of info so that you can stay in touch easily.

8. Be honest

81 per cent of people lie about their height, age and figure while online dating. Avoid any first date awkwardness by being honest from the very start of the date.

9. Don’t be too serious

Starting your bio with “Looking for future partner to have 2.5 children, a cat and a dog with by end of 2024” is too much. Have fun with your profile and let your personality shine through.