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This is a tough one, but trust in the fact that it is better to tell the truth than drag someone along just because you don’t want to hurt his or her feelings. Treat this situation exactly as you would if it happened in the real world, although here you have the advantage of not having to see that person in the office tomorrow. Tell them that they’re just not what you’re looking for at the current time.

This is entirely a judgment call on your part. If you feel comfortable that you have a fairly good idea of what said person is like, go for it. Try, if you can, to talk to them over instant messenging and audio/video call services... this is SO much better than just email. And it is essential to talk to them over the phone before any meeting in person. This process could be a matter of hours, days or weeks. If you’re talking about a long distance deal, obviously you’re looking at a longer period of time… you don’t want to waste time and money on someone whom isn’t even in the right frame of mind. There’s no rush!

Modify it, quick. But don’t just change your profile for the sake of change. Read it out loud, look for potential areas where you could maybe improve it. In particular, look at the “essay” sections… are you looking for someone too specific? Do you sound needy, or arrogant, or downright annoying? Fix that. If you can, get someone you trust to check it out and make suggestions.

It’s much the same as using email to contact someone when you’ve seen their profile. Do not to use some cheesy one-liner – no matter how charming you are in person, a dumb line is going to look flat on the computer screen. If you can, just say hi, and when they say hi back, follow through with a question that came to your mind when you were reading their profile. It might have to do with where they live, a hobby they like, a favourite film or sports team, their kids, whatever. Show genuine interest, and the other person will feel more personally involved.

Avoid numbers… “cutiepie7” sounds so, well, 90’s, and computer-ish. Avoid overly sexy words, unless you’re wanting to give the impression that sex is your only objective in dating. Pick something that means something to you, and people will notice. Just take a look at the usernames out there already – don’t hesitate to check out what other people of your sex are already doing, and see what seems to attract attention and what doesn’t. Of course, be original. Not only will an original username stand out in a list of potential profiles, it will stick out in a reader’s mind when they try and go back to investigate the “maybe’s” that were initially skipped over.

It might be best not to jump straight into their inbox. If you’ve just matched, chances are you’re both still reading through each other’s profiles. Wait at least a day, decide what to ask them in your first message and then get typing. When you email, pick something they’ve mentioned in their profile and ask a question about it. This makes it easy for them to respond, and lets them know you’ve taken the time to read their profile.

This is a common question and has a simple answer. Avoid pictures that cover your face and make it appear blurry without reason. Moreover, friends are good, but a dating profile should explicitly showcase your personality to potential matches looking to date you. You should know that a picture on Wematchmake defines your personality and profile in the best way possible. Therefore, choosing something that shows the interests you mentioned on your profile, such as swimming, cooking, football, hiking, gymnasium, and more, can leave a great impression on others.

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